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Victory for King Gwanggaeto: A Battle Adventure (K-Culture Village)

New recruits on a training mission are thrust into battle on the front lines, and must muster their courage and fight their way out.

 (The Hettema Group, for CJ Entertainment)

Interactive Scene Breakdown




Q1.1. Statue of King Gwanggaeto mounted on horseback with armor and barding


Q1.2. A hwatcha loaded with arrows





("A" side of Queue)

Q2.1. Map with flags showing the march of King Asin’s army from Baekje to the border of Goguryeo


(Marquee Graphic)

Q2.2. A recruiting poster for would-be Kaema warriors for the King


Q2.3. Banners with the symbols of Goguryeo (three-legged crow) and of Baekje (dark, enemy)


("B" side of Queue)


Q2. 4. A mural hints at the ride experience: target practice, shooting arrows from horseback, hunting, battle


Q2.5. Replica cross-bows similar to the ride weapon (in themed display)


SCN 00: 



00.1. Guests load into Vehicles equipped with crossbows



SCN 01: 



1.1 The Lieutenant sends guests to their training.


1.2. Pots and jugs (metal and porcelain) — they pop, ting, smash and snuff as they’re hit.


1.3. Lanterns hung from tree branches are hit, snuffing out the glowing flames with a spark.


1.4. Sound FX indicate hits, misses, ricochets


1.5. Old battle helmets, old shields — they clank and clang when hit.

SHOW ACTION: Bumps and Tilts.


1.6. Broken carts with wheels — the wheels spin when hit several times.


SCN 02:  



2.1. Rabbits targets (on tracks with targets on tails) hop between bushes on an endless loop.


2.2. Colorful birds fly between trees. When hit, we see a burst of feathers from their butts.


2.3. Squirrels (on tracks with targets on bodies) slide up and down the sides of a tree. When hit, their tails go up.


2.4. Deer, prancing between small hills in the distance



SCN 03: 



3.1. Birds fly up from the trees and wing away


3.2. Wild boars run through the trees (one runs alongside the cart. Crossbow fire scares it away.)


3.3. Bears, which turn out to be soldiers in animal skins (“Ouch!”)


3.4. Cavalry moving behind trees — we hear hooves pounding, and armor clanking.


3.5. Soldier cut-outs fall backward when shot; the last soldier is ‘real’ and says ‘ouch’ when hit.

3.6 Approaching Soldiers on horseback are heard, and seen in silhouette

3.7 Silhouette FX, Thundering horse hooves SFX

3.8 The Lieut. Voice calls from a distance: “Beware – the enemy is close!”



SCN 04: 



4.1. Lieutenant warns that an enemy attack has begun, and we have to fight our way out.


4.2. An enemy banner is stuck in the ground


4.3. Soldiers' equipment is lying on the ground near an abandoned campfire.


4.4. Drums are heard… then seen near the makeshift enemy camp.


4.5. An arrow disrupts a carefully stacked pile of cannon balls


4.6. In the distance, an enemy fort is full of armed soldiers.


4.7. An arrow seems to pierce a water skin, and water flows out of it from both sides.


SCN: 05 



5.1. A woosh of air passes and an arrow loudly penetrates a tree.


5.2. A scout quickly warns that there are enemy soldiers nearby. "Take cover!"


5.3. Enemy soldiers appear at a distance, near a fort they have taken over.


5.4. Soldiers appear from behind trees and boulders, shooting arrows and shouting


5.5. One soldier falls out of sight, landing in a water trough with a splash.


5.6. Splash sound FX, + real water jet


5.7. Arrows with flaming tips fly by, overhead


SCN 06: 



6.1. A hungry enemy soldier chases a boar.


6.2. A squirrel pokes his head out of an upside-down helmet on the ground.


6.3. A soldier sitting on the payload arm gets launched into a fort wall, gets stuck halfway through.


6.4. Animation of trebuchet arm flying, soldier crashing into wall.



SCN 07 



7.1. Cavalry soldiers on horseback give chase


7.2. An arrow tears a hole in a water bucket suspended by a rope, dousing a soldier below.


7.3. An arrow hits a shield leaning on a fallen tree. The shield creates a domino effect, crashing into a long row of shields like crashing cymbals.


7.4. Around the corner, we have a closer view of the stuck soldier, his legs dangling and wiggling in mid-air.


SCN 08  



8.1. An arrow rips a soldier’s belt and his pants (or armor?) fall down to his ankles


8.2. Traps laid by Gwanggaeto's forces capture enemies in a net.


8.3. A portion of a large fort is visible between the dense trees.


SCN 09 



9.1. An overturned vehicle like ours blocks the path.


9.2. The overturned vehicle goes up in flames, forcing us "off the road," and into the enemy fort!


9.3. Enemy soldiers, hiding behind shields, turrets, and other barriers, take aim at us!



SCN 10: 



10.1. Each enemy soldier atop the fort is a target.


10.2. Shuttered windows open, and archers fire arrows at us.


10.3. Every shutter is a target, too.


10.4. Soldiers on the roof fall behind battlements when hit.


SCN 11: 



11.1. The enemy lights a 100-arrow hwacha aimed at us!


11.2. One lucky shot spins the hwacha back towards the enemy soldiers perched on the fort.


11.3. A volley of explosive arrows hits their perch, which goes up in smoke.


11.4. Explosion SFX, Smoke FX, Spark FX

(Hwacha resets)


11.5. Enemy leader pinned to wall by arrows through his armor. A still-burning arrow in his askew helmet threatens further harm. He futilely blows at the flame.


SCN 12: 



12.1. King Gwanggaeto, in full regalia thanks guests for helping to save Goguryeo.


12.2 A stylized digital Score Board shows guests how well they shot.

12.3. Chariot comes to a stop.


SCENE 00: 



00.2. Guests exit the chariot vehicle (Unload)


00.2.1. Graphic displays highlight Gwanggaeto's accomplishments


00.2.2. Animated map of Gogoryeo before and after Gwanggaeto

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