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The G'Night Show with Jay Lamo (A Live Comedy Talk Show Parody)

Updated: Jun 24

 A hilarious send-up of the timeless, popular late-night talk show and its genial celebrity host, complete with impersonators of A-list talent as the show's exciting guests.

Originally conceived for  for corporate entertainment client SAP Canada. Written and directed by Markus Kublin, produced by Always Entertaining at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.



Client SAP Canada needs a 30 minute corporate entertainment production for their national

sales team of 500+ account reps, team leader and executives.

They have requested that Always Entertaining incorporate certain sales messages into the show

to represent the unique needs of SAP'S different categories of customers:

· Large Corporations

· Medium-sized companies

· Government agencies & departments

· Small businesses & start-ups



The G’Night Show with Jay Lamo is a parody of the #1-rated late-night television program The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. This is a 30-minute, scripted comedy talk show with celebrity guests (played by impersonators) who represent the 4 different client categories and express their unique needs through their interview segments with the host (also a celebrity impersonation).

Utilizing this format, “Jay” can ask his guests interview questions that pertain to the

customer type that they each represent. This allows a much more organic handling of the

marketing messages the client wishes to emphasize as part of the entertainment, compared to sketches or improv scenes that might try to force these messages into a scene. The

conversation will flow no less naturally that when real talk show hosts asks their guests about

the movie, TV show, or album they are there to promote.

Additionally, the talk show format creates no invisible “fourth wall.” This intentionally allows

the host and guests to connect with the audience by talking directly to them at appropriate

times within the show, without breaking the reality of the performance.

To keep the performance as entertaining as it is informative, we wrap the interviews with

comedy and music, and the music performance includes live piano playing and interaction with the audience, who will be able to sing along from their seats for the finale.



Host: JAY LAMO, a genial talk show host who functions as both a fun emcee and as a curious representative of SAP Canada who is interested in interviewing each type of Sales client, to learn more about the most effective ways to approach and interact with them.

1st Guest: ELTON JOHN, a major brand and household name

2nd Guest: STEVE ERWIN, an established, middle range brand

3rd Guest: BELINDA STRONACH, a nationally known business woman and political hopeful

4th Guest: PHILLIP FRANKEL, a young comedian just gaining national exposure and growing into recognition.


SHOW: (30 Minute breakdown)

Opening: (0:00 – 1:00)

Theme music, host introduction and entrance.

Scene 1 (1:00 – 5:00)

The show opens with an original comedy monologue based on fresh topics from the

day's news. This also functions as way to acquaint the audience with an already familiar

format, so they will have an idea of what to expect. It will also warm them up to laugh.

Scene 2 (5:30 – 9:30)

Interview segment. Jay introduces ELTON JOHN, an A-list star who represents our

biggest clients: major, international brands.

Scene 3 (10:00 – 15:00)

Sketch segment. Jay introduces STEVE ERWIN, a successful and identifiable mid-range

star who is looking to jump to the next level without losing his brand identity. Steve

performs a stunt in which he feeds his new baby while holding on to a large crocodile at

the same time.

Scene 4 (15:30 – 19:30)

Interview segment. Jay introduces Canadian BELINDA STRONACH, a possible Prime

Minister candidate, who tells Jay about how government contracts differ from private


Scene 5 (20:00 – 25:00)

Jay introduces PHILLIP FRANKEL, a young comedian making his “first appearance” on

the national stage. Phillip performs stand-up, then goes to the couch to tell more about

being a start-up who is having early success and looking emerge in the marketplace.

Scene 6 (25:30 – 29:30)

Jay welcomes Elton back to the stage for the final act: a musical performance of his

classic hit “Crocodile Rock,” culminating in an audience-participation sing-along.

Ending: (29:30 – 30:00)

Jay wraps up the show, thanking all his guests and the audience.



ACTORS: 4 Performers – the Host; Guest 1; Guest 2 & 4 (portrayed by same actor); Guest 3

CREW: Writer; Director; 1 Technician for lights & soundboard

TECH: Stage lighting; Lav mics for each cast member; 1 desk mic; Recorded music tracks

for opening theme, closing theme, and guest entrances; Sound system for Elton’s


SET: Host desk; couch; plants; electric piano

PROPS: Extra-large stuffed crocodile; “baby” doll

CAST NEEDS: Appropriate costumes, wigs and makeup



Week One: Write and edit script. Get script notes from client through producer.

Audition actors and cast all roles. (Because celebrity impersonations are a key part of this show concept, actors’ ability to convincingly play a certain known star is an important casting consideration. However, the show is a parody, so a comedic characterization is more important than an exact look-alike or soundalike. Think Saturday Night Live.)

Week Two: Rehearse with actors.

Purchase, rent, or build all costumes, props, and set pieces.

Arrange costume fittings and adjustments.

Engineer lighting, sound, electrical tech.

Finalize any script revisions.

Week Three: Tech rehearsal.

Dress rehearsal.




Other Clients: While the host element should be considered “evergreen,” the actual host and

guests can rotate, or change entirely, depending on the type of corporate client/audience and their specific messaging or other needs.

Future Shows: The opening will always need to be updated with a new, fresh monologue based on the news and current events.

Guests should always be relevant, living real-life people who are prominent figures in pop culture and/or the news. (Current movie & TV actors, singers, musicians, reality stars, sports figures, politicians, etc.)

The length of the show can be expanded to 60 minutes, with additional sketches, “desk pieces,” and more or longer guest interviews/interactions.

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